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We use our creative approaches, research experience, community engagement expertise, and project-based curriculum development skills to help schools, nonprofits, and companies achieve thoughtful and more productive relationships with diverse communities. We believe that art, self-reflection, and critical thinking can empower you to effectively create inclusive communities from your workplace, classroom, or neighborhood. 

  • Develop research and arts-based techniques for professional development to strengthen your team

  • Engage in meaningful and action-oriented community conversation

  • Create arts-based projects that are relevant to students' lives and encourages critical thinking

Founder & Principal Consultant

Dr. Melissa Crum is an artist, author, researcher, and founder of Mosaic Education Network, LLC. She leads a consulting company that infuses the arts, research, storytelling and critical thinking into professional development, community building and curriculum development. Dr. Crum works with her team of experts to act as engaging and collaborative resources for schools, nonprofits, and companies.


With her team, she facilitates and encourages thought-provoking conversations addressing difficult topics on supporting, interacting, and partnering with diverse communities. She works hard to help you become informed of and feel secure about using everyday practical applications of diversity and inclusion strategies to positively impact your environment. To make this happen she creates a "brave space" where you can ask the tough questions, admit faults and celebrate successes. Her national and international experiences working with educators, museums, and businesses has allowed her to help you make social change from your desk, to your living room and beyond. 



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