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Mosaic Education Network helps you build stronger relationships with the diverse community you serve. Using art, storytelling, research and critical thinking, we provide creative customized solutions to establish productive learning and working environments.

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ACT: Actively Critically Thinking Theater-Based Literacy


Our goals are to...

  1. Implement creative project-based curriculum that is connected to social justice themes and encourages critical thinking

  2. Integrate academic social and cultural experiences into the classroom

  3. Create a foundation of awareness, values, ethics and citizenship

  4. Connecting reading, visual culture and theater-based "rehearsal room" techniques for interactive learning

Integrate: Community-Based Education


Our goals are...

  1. Implement project-based curriculum

  2. Co-create community-centered curriculum using the expertise of community-oriented professionals, non-profit board members, and artists in 6-8th grade classrooms

  3. Produce culturally-relevant curriculum that connects to students' lives

Expanding Cultural Perceptions Diversity Training


Expanding Cultural Perceptions Diversity Training are professional development workshops on critical self-reflection practices for schools, non-profits, and businesses using history, research, and contemporary art. It’s not your typical PD session. We tell stories. We assist you in thinking about what you are thinking about. We help you evaluate the relationships you have with your students and colleagues and how it affects everyone's success.


We work with... 

  1. Non-Profit Leaders engaging with diverse communities
  2. School Administrators who want to support educators and staff in forming healthy relationships with students and each other 
  3. Service-Learning Students preparing to serve members of diverse communities
  4. Businesses that are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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