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Mosaic was founded by a small group of parents who saw a need for a network of homeschool families and families seeking educational alternatives for their children. The parents created curriculum that provided the children with real-life experiences and hands-on learning and the families sought to encourage their children to think deeply, critically, and creatively. By combining academics with the expressiveness of the visual arts, music, and movement, we fostered children’s natural curiosity while stimulating intellectual awareness. Within a protective and nurturing environment, teachers and families worked together to build a community where each child's sense of responsibility and self-reliance unfolded.  

Mosaic Homeschool Cooperative was a self-governing organization of seven families (11 parents and 14 children from ages four to ten years old) who worked together on the grounds of mutual social, educational, and cultural benefits.


Mission: To nurture the whole child in an environment that emphasizes critical thinking, creative expression, and community responsibility through traditional academics within a culturally rich arts-based curriculum.


Vision: To foster a collective where teachers, families, and community members bring together their individual passions and abilities to enhance each other’s’ lives.



  1. Assisting students in becoming self-empowered, independent, and critical thinkers

  2. Nurturing wonder and stimulating intellectual awareness

  3. Encouraging students to become responsible citizens of the world

  4. Providing exposure to global customs and cultures

  5. Creating an environment that feeds the whole person (teacher, parent, student, and the community-at-large)

  6. Engaging the mind, body, and spirit

  7. Showing students that their work and products have value

  8. Establishing a learning space where self-reliance, confidence, initiative, and their personal truths unfold

  9. Executing students' potential to realize their humanity

  10. Utilizing community members and entities as resources to gain knowledge and skills



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