Arts-Based Diversity Training

Arts-Based Diversity Training  prepares participants for community engagement by gaining cultural awareness through arts-based self-reflective practices. We guide participants through individual and collective analysis of culturally-based assumptions, perspectives and actions using visual culture.

We work with... 

School adminstrators who want to support educators and staff in forming healthy relationships with students and each other 

Non-Profit Leaders enagaging with diverse communities

Service-Learning Students preparing to serve members of diverse communities

Businesses that are dedicated to diversity and inclusion in the workplace


Leaders in corporations, non-profits and schools working with people from diverse communities have the opportunity to facilitate experiences that encourage participants to think critically about identity and culture. However, when leaders lack cultural consciousness, they risk perpetuating superficial cultural narratives, limiting opportunities for critical thinking, and preventing self-actualizing experiences for participants. Our training offers businesses, community-based organizations and educators practical applications to address these concerns in community engagement. Our training is imperative to facilitating the expansion of identity constructions because critically reflective leaders who abandon cultural assumptions and alter their practices become leaders of inclusion.

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