ACT: Actively Critically Thinking Theater-Based Literacy

Based on Mosaic Education Network's work with professional actors and educators from the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, we use theater-based techniques created to teach Shakespeare, to instead, teach multicultural texts. Our work is an active approach to teaching in the classroom. Such approaches support students in peer collaboration, developing critical questions, and making their own informed interpretive choices.

Target audience: 6-8 grade students

Objective: To encourage students to critically analyze literature from different perspectives while promoting an intellectual experience enhancing both the academic and student life experiences. The goals are to...

  1. Implement creative project-based curriculum that is connected to social justice themes and encourages critical thinking

  2. Integrate academic social and cultural experiences into the classroom

  3. Create a foundation of awareness, values, ethics and citizenship

  4. Connecting reading, visual culture and theater-based "rehearsal room" techniques for interactive learning

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